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"Formed in January 2014, .5ppi (pronounced “point five pee pee eye”) is an artist collective specializing in collaborative site-specific printmaking installations. .5ppi sets up temporary interactive platforms revolving around the performative activities of printmaking, brought into social spaces. Our exteriorized studio practice involves the production of large-scale (i.e. architectural-scale) relief prints, utilizing a mobile printing press, and, critically, the participation of the public. We generate imagery in response to site and in consultation/conversation with stakeholders. We process our images with a stock set of computer algorithms and then translate them into analog woodcuts using a modular grid system. The output generates an absurd supergraphic environment that questions routine perceptions and assumptions about technology. Our work is concerned with creating an immersive, spectacular experience in which the roles and notions of artistry, craft, mediation, and authorship are elided and blend into the crowd."

Principal artists: Duncan Dempster, Noah Matteucci, Joseph Nam, David Randall

In collaboration with:
printmaking students from UH Manoa
volunteers from Honolulu Printmakers