noah matteucci

Noah makes prints by combining digital technology with analog printmaking processes, writing looping algorithms that translate into woodblock & screen prints. Printmaking is just an extension of the code — the performance of an analog algorithm — every pulled print an iteration of the program.

Process outweighs outcome and outcome is arbitrary. With every work there is a seemingly infinite number of possible arrangements, and the repetitive and absurd Sisyphean task of attempting to print all of them becomes an obsession. The use of simple forms, straight-out-of-the-can process colors, random number generators, and the printed mark, all underscore a deliberate attempt to deny intention and cede artistic control to chance. To affirm chance is to affirm the world as it is — a series of material events in a constant state of becoming. By printing the same thing over and over again you start to see the differences. Nothing that repeats is the same.